Monday, March 3, 2008

Thai-Style Salad

1 big cup of coconut milk
1 tbs of Oyster sauce
400 g of chicken breasts
4 Cucumbers
2 Big red capsicums
1 small red onion
1 jalapeno
Roasted peanuts

Heat the wok or a heavy based pan, add the coconut milk and the oyster sauce. Bring to boil then add the chicken breasts. Lower the heat and leave it to cook.
Cut each cucumber into two. Slice each thinly without peeling them. You can use a peeler make them thin enough, cut the capsicums into thin strips and so the onions, then seed the jalapeno and cut it into small bits. Mix all together in a deep bowl.
When the chicken is cooked drain it and cut it into strips and add to the salad mix right before serving, then use the coconut milk and oyster sauce as the salad dressing. Top with the roasted peanuts. I cooked it yesterday its amazing!! You won’t regret it.